Care For Labrador Retriever Puppies  

Labrador Retrievers are one of the choicest dogs for families. Quite popular for their lenient and friendly nature this breed makes an excellent companion for people, irrespective of their ages. Labrador puppies are filled with immense energy and zeal hence they are the natural choice for all children. With proper training and care, these puppies can grow up to become loyal and obedient companion for future.

A house having enough space for the Labrador puppy to move is the foremost requirement before plan to bring one. The fencing has to be quite strong so that it can take the weight of an adult Labrador about 80 lb. Also, the house must be a safe place for the puppy to stay comfortably. Make additional arrangements such as constructing a kennel having a run, a large crate and downsizing the access points so that the damage done is minimized.

When you are away from the house, in order to keep the dog busy, you should leave them with certain chewing toys. These toys should be not made of stuffed material. You must also avoid giving them rawhide, genuine bones, squeaky toys made from vinyl, and ropes as these might cause choking. If at all, you are interested in giving these things, it should be done under your supervision. You must know that Labrador puppies have very strong jaws and they can virtually eat up toys in just few seconds.

The first few days of your Labrador puppy could be quite painful for them as you would find them crying all the time which is because of separation. To handle such situation, be firm and do not get carried away by this transient phase. Very soon they will be yours.

The first step to training is by calling the dog by its own name. Rewards in the form of treats can be highly motivating for them. Repeating the words and action again and again will make them understand the commands quickly. The food should be offered only twice in a day and water must be given at regular intervals.

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Care For Labrador Retriever Puppies




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