Gifts For Labrador Retriever Owners  

Before choosing gifts for Labradors, you must find out first what the Labrador wants to do. In simple words, Labrador belongs to a breed that is filled with immense energy. They love to chew, play in water and fetch things. Therefore, gifts should be such so that it matches with their personal likings.

Chewing is the first love for Labradors. In their pass time they like to be with something that can be chewed comfortably. Hence, if they do not find the toys they might just pick up the shoes, furniture or even clothes for chewing. Destroying things quickly is quite common for Labradors. Buy toys that are durable and are safe and easy to chew. Bones and rawhide knots are ideal as these take lot of time to chew and are healthy for the teeth.

Water toys are the second best gifts for Labradors. Foam sticks and such other items that float on water when they are being thrown in water are quite good for them. If the owner has his own yard, you may also purchase a dog pool as a gift. These pools resemble baby pools, but are much stronger so that these are not damaged quickly by the dog’s toenails.

Since Labrador’s are sportive, gifting cards of doggy day care would be a nice idea. The owner can drop the dog in the day care center and the dog can play with other dogs till the time owner returns to collect them. You can also offer a pet sitter as a gift who can take care of the dog in the absence of the owner or in an instance when the owner is not well.

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Gifts For Labrador Retriever Owners




History-Of-The-Labrador-Retriever      Labrador was discovered by the people of Portuguese. The name Labrador surfaced out from the term laborers that were popularly used for this breed. These dogs were brought into Newfoundland by the Portuguese, and were subsequently bred with comparatively smaller water dogs. The result was an eager, intelligent and a sociable dog named as St. John’s dog. Fishermen kept these dogs for getting help from them in getting lost fishes and fishing lines. This breed proved to be quite friendly and loyal to their masters. More..




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