History Of The Labrador Retriever  

Labrador was discovered by the people of Portuguese. The name Labrador surfaced out from the term laborers that were popularly used for this breed. These dogs were brought into Newfoundland by the Portuguese, and were subsequently bred with comparatively smaller water dogs. The result was an eager, intelligent and a sociable dog named as St. John’s dog. Fishermen kept these dogs for getting help from them in getting lost fishes and fishing lines. This breed proved to be quite friendly and loyal to their masters.

By the initial phase of the nineteenth century, St John's water dog was imported to England by the Earl of Malmesbury. The aristocracy of England was impressed by this breed and started carefully preserving them. Unfortunately, by the early 20th century, the St. John’s water dogs started becoming extinct because of multiple reasons. Higher fees for keeping female dogs, quarantine laws, and increase in the population of sheep eventually finished this breed in Newfoundland.

The pure form of today’s Labrador goes back to the year 1878 in England. This particular breed was finally recognized by the English kennel Club in the year 1903 and after about fifteen years later this breed became a part of the American Kennel Club. Ever since, Labradors have become the choicest breed of dogs amongst Americans. Mainly due to its amiable friendly nature, immense energy and intelligence, it has emerged as a fabulous companion for people of all ages. It is more popular among children because of its playful nature.

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History Of The Labrador Retriever




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History Of The Labrador Retriever )
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