How To Rescue Labrador Retriever ?  

Labradors are the most friendly, loyal and obedient family dogs. Labrador’s are also popular for being full of energy and therefore keeps the owners on toes every time. Adopting an older Labrador is quite beneficial as most of them are already trained.

Labradors are fond of chewing, and, therefore, once you bring an older Labrador, their chewing stage would have already finished and you will encounter less destruction. Also, you need not worry about the accidents that happen with young Labrador’s quite often.

There are few other important things that you must check before bringing an older Labrador in your house. These things include its history such as why he has been given up, about its offsprings, any track of abuse and/or neglect, general health conditions, vaccination records, and overall family history. Once you are assured and satisfied that it can be safely brought home, you may proceed further.

Once you set out for your choice of Labrador, you must not restrict your choice to a particular color and gender. Then, it might become difficult for you to search the exact one with all the positive qualities. One should be open and ready to adopt a Labrador that is in actual need of a perfect home.

You can search Labradors for adoption in places like classified ads, Craig’s List. It is not very easy to find a Labrador in just few days. Labradors are such famous pets that people do not want put them away so easily. You can search them in the animal shelters where mostly they are being kept until they get a good home.

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How To Rescue Labrador Retriever ?




Labrador-Retriever-Growth-Charts      To be a considered as a good owner of a Labrador, you must be regularly referring to the growth chart of Labrador. Labradors are one of those breeds that grow up very fast within a short span of time. Sometimes people do not realize that whether they own a full breed of Labrador or a mixed one. Depending on their size, you can easily determine which breed they have been mixed with. You must know that the English breed weighs less than the American breeds by about 120 lbs. More..




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