Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale In California  

While searching for a Labrador puppy as a pet you would come across many breeders. Given below are some of the popular breeders who are situated in California and they do possess an authenticated membership from the famous SDLRC (San Diego Labrador retriever Club).

Wife and husband, Kathy and Bob Besser, own Beshire Kennel since the 1970s. The main aim of this breeder is to breed healthy canines with a right spirit and breed them according to the standards so that they appear well in all their abilities. This breeder has produced pets that are not only companions, offer services, are champions in the show and also hunts animals.

In the northern province of San Diego, in a place known as Poway is located another Labrador breeder which is famously called as Pathfinder. This kennel is an expert in breeding companion and show Labradors. They announce the new families in their website as and when they are available.

A river side kennel named Saddlehill Labradors being operated by Susan and Bill Eberhardt is also well known. You can find more information regarding this kennel from their website.

Tuckaway Labradors situated in Mariposa has been in service since, 1991. The owner of this kennel is Karen Jobke. Their main focus is to breed Labradors that meet the standards of English Labradors. They allow the perspective owners to take Labradors home once they are eight weeks old.

Another famous kennel owned known as Wallcroft Labradors aims at bringing up right tempered, healthy puppies which meets with the standards of breed not only in appearance but also in skill. You can find a lot of information regarding this kennel online.

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Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale In California




Care-For-Labrador-Retriever-Puppies      Labrador Retrievers are one of the choicest dogs for families. Quite popular for their lenient and friendly nature this breed makes an excellent companion for people, irrespective of their ages. Labrador puppies are filled with immense energy and zeal hence they are the natural choice for all children. With proper training and care, these puppies can grow up to become loyal and obedient companion for future. More..




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