Pit Bull Facts

Pit Bull Facts

It may sound strange, but during the early part of the twentieth century, Pit Bulls were coveted as family pets. In fact, they were often referred to as “nanny dogs”. Because of their popularity, this breed was made the mascot during both the World Wars.

If this breed is trained as a therapy dog, Pit Bulls can aid in the recovery of patients who have been in different kinds of accidents. Additionally, they can be also be used effectively when searching and rescuing a person.

This breed has also been trained to sniff out bombs and narcotics. In fact, a Pit bull called Popsicle was responsible for finding more than three thousand pounds of cocaine in the city of Hildago, Texas. This was the biggest haul that the anti-narcotics team has ever had until now.

Another Pit Bull, called Sergeant Stubby, was declared a war hero as he was responsible for saving a complete platoon when he warned the soldiers about a poisonous gas attack. This dog was also responsible for aiding in the capture of a German spy. Famous personalities like Helen Keller, Teddy Roosevelt and General George Patton were proud owners of Pit Bulls. Hence, this breed’s bad name is quite a recent development.

Pit Bulls are often selected by dog fighters because of their strength, agility and inherent desire to please the owners. So, one can say that they are often abused in order to entertain a small group of people who enjoy this kind of inhumane activities.

It does not matter what breed a dog belongs to, but if it is abused, it goes without saying that it will have an aggressive nature and be more prone to biting people and other animals. The same is also true for Pit Bulls. This breed has been mistreated in the fighting arena and by owners and this could be the main reason for their aggressive nature.

As per the United Kennel Club, this breed was never bred for it to be aggressive towards humans. Also, this is the wrong breed to train as a watch dog as it is a friendly breed, even where strangers are concerned.

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Pit Bull Facts