English Springer Spaniel Colors  

The breed of English Springer Spaniel is considered different from other varieties of Spaniels owing to the smaller range of patterns and colors of the coat they come in .these dogs can be of two varieties, namely show-bred or field dogs. The English Springer Spaniel varies from the other popular breeds like American Cocker Spaniel or English Cocker Spaniel based on the patterns and the colors.

The English Springer Spaniel comes in three color combinations; namely white and liver, black and white, or one of aforementioned color combinations with an addition of marking in tan color, especially above the eyes and cheeks.

Most of the dogs of this breed have a white colored muzzle and blaze and have a different color on the face or ears. The dogs belonging to the show line have a dark colored coat, while the field lines have a white coat. Also, the show lines have lesser flecking or ticking on the white coat as compared to the field variety. Dogs of the show lines have longer ears and longer length of the coat compared to the field lines.

The English Cocker Spaniel comes in many solid colors like black, gold, liver, red. Sometimes tan markings may also be present on the coat and these markings are more on the throat, feet, eyebrows or muzzle. Sometimes patches in colors like black, red, liver, gold or orange can be seen on the coat which comes in roan or white color. The American Cocker Spaniel also comes in similar colors except that a buff color of the coat is more common.

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English Springer Spaniel Colors




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