Springer Spaniel Diet  

The Springer Spaniel is a dog which has a very active routine with exercising and walks every day. They need to have a diet with high calorific value to meet up with such activity levels.

Some of the foods that should make a part of their daily intake are wildfowl, poultry, chicken, beef, egg, turkey, yogurt, cheese, brown rice and oat-meal. These are considered ideal for maintaining a good health in this breed of dogs. Foods like yellow corn, fish, rice and pork are best avoided.

Since these canines are fast in gaining weight, an ideal serving of a meal should comprise about 25% of fruits and vegetables and the remaining 75% of meat and poultry. They should not be given supplements of vitamins since it will prove to be harmful. There are some Springers which may have the tendency to develop many allergies and such dogs will need diets which are customized. The food can be mixed with a quality vitamin meant for dogs since the normal diet may not suffice the nutritional requirements of essential minerals, and vitamins. These are essential for a healthy and long life of the canine.

Many types of foods for dogs such as dry food, tinned or dry mixers are available which can be served to the pet. One should not compromise on the quality by opting only for cheaper foods.

One can cook some frozen lamb or beef and mix it with the dry food in order to make it tastier and easy for the dog to feed with its gravy effect.

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Springer Spaniel Diet




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