How To Groom Yorkshire Terrier ?  

The coat of a standard York shire terrier is long. It is soft, silky and gets knotted easily. The hair of the coat is trimmed in order to make it easier to maintain the coat. If the dog is required to participate in shows, the coat is left uncut and parted along the middle of the back and combed downwards.

The popular way of styling the hair is a top knot on the head with the help of a bow. In order to maintain the coat, one should shampoo it once a week and brush the coat every day. This will ensure a tangle free coat.
The hair should be moistened slightly using a spray and then combed with a wide toothed comb since they tend to mat easily.

Clipping of the nails should be done cautiously so as to trim the tip of the nails. This can be done after bathing when the nails would have become softer.

Since these canines do not shed, one can trim their hair to prevent matting. Shampooing and conditioning them once a week will ensure a healthy and shiny coat. One should also make sure so as to brush the teeth of the pet regularly. This can be timed along with the bathing routine. If the individual is uncomfortable, the assistance of the vet can be taken to finish the task. Even if the brushing is done by the owner, it is still advisable to get the cleaning of the teeth at least once a year by the vet in order to prevent the formation of tartar.

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How To Groom Yorkshire Terrier ?




Yorkshire-Terrier-Haircuts      Yorkshire terriers are those canines which have a coat which is soft, silky and long. This can be styled in many ways which make them appear more attractive. In order to maintain the coat, one should indulge in regular grooming. For some who do not intend to make their pets participate in shows, trimming the coat in order to facilitate easy maintenance is preferred. More..




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How To Groom Yorkshire Terrier ? )
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