How Fast Can A Giraffe Run ?  

Giraffe is the tallest animal in the world today. Their height is mostly because of the length of their neck and legs. Blessed with strong, sturdy limbs, they are a fast runner, or rather galloper. Their galloping speed is somewhere between 31 miles per hour to 37 miles per hour. However, given their body mass, which is over 2000 pounds in an average individual, they cannot run for a long time, especially at this speed, at a stretch. Even then also, their 6 feet long legs can carry themselves on at about 10 miles an hour for a longer period if the need be.

It is the way of running in giraffe that is more interesting than the speed they can attain. Normally, a four-legged terrestrial animal moves by forwarding one limb at the front followed by the opposite limb at the back, forward. But in case of giraffes, they move by placing both the front and the hind limb of the same side forward first, followed by the same action on the other side of the body. It is similar to what a physically handicapped human being with a walker would do to move forward, considering the two supports of the walker as to additional limbs of the human being.

However, a giraffe’s speed does not come handy when chased by its predators like lion, which can average up to 50 miles per hour. Even hyenas, another danger to giraffes can outrun them with 40 miles an hour speed of their own. At this point, the strong legs of the giraffes help them ward off their enemies by a powerful kick.

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How Fast Can A Giraffe Run




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