Where Do Giraffes Live ?  

Giraffes fall under even toed ungulate mammals of African origin. The habitat of giraffes is mostly depended on the topography. They are widely found in open woodlands, savannas or grasslands. Thus from Central to South of Africa, giraffes are commonly located.

The habitat of giraffe is also largely dominated by the availability of Acacia tree in the area. Acacia, with all its types of species are the most favorite food of giraffes. They can feed up on 65 pounds of Acacia leaves and branch twigs. On unavailability of enough food or Acacia, they even venture in to places with denser vegetation.

Giraffes usually like to stay together in a group, called herd. But each giraffe usually does not stick to one herd for all the time. The members of the herds move around, but they are not spotted alone usually. This might usually be due to the fact that their enormous size attracts their predators easily. And most of its predators like deer and lions are faster than them. So if they stay in a herd, they have more chances of protecting themselves.

Another factor which is essential for a giraffe to choose its habitat is the availability of water in abundance. Giraffes drink up to a hundred gallons of water daily. So they need a suitable supply, which can only be provided by a large lake or river stream. Thus they are found in places near to such water bodies.

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Where Do Giraffes Live




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