How To Tell If Your Hermit Crab Is Pregnant

How To Tell If Your Hermit Crab Is Pregnant ?

Hermit crabs are gently and friendly pets to have. There are certain methods through which you can identify if the hermit crab is pregnant. You need to be attentive to the changes in the crab and keep a close watch over it. Also, understand the signs of the crab’s lifecycle so that you can better judge it.


Observe the crab and see if it is a female. Female crabs have two holes in the size of a pinhole called gonopores. You will find them under the third pair of their legs. This can be seen only when the hermit crab extends itself far from the shell. On the underside of the crab, the abdomen is joined with the 2nd pair of legs. The gonopores are the sexual openings for the crab. They appear like two tiny dots. Malehermit crab will not have these dots. If you see pleopods or smaller legs on the left side of the crab’s abdomen, then it is a female. These pleopods are very small and almost nonexistent.

Another thing you have to consider is if the crab has come in contact with a male crab. Also, if you have a group of hermit crabs, then makes sure at least one of them is a male. They are very social creatures and will coexist peacefully. You will find red colored eggs in a corner of the tank. So keep observing the tank now and then. From brick red color, the eggs become grey. Check out the crab's abdomen and see whether you can find a large mass of eggs. A female crab can carry thousands of eggs and they appear like a red mass in the abdomen. They carry the eggs for about a month. Towards the end of the month the eggs will turn grey in color.

At this time, the crabs need an ocean to deposit their eggs. Provide extra salt water so that the crab can lay the eggs. However, this process of breeding hermit crabs will be unsuccessful, as these crabs lay their eggs in oceans and seas. However, it could be successful with lesser hermit crabs, as they are known for breeding in captivity. If the proper conditions are not available in the fish tank, the larvae can die out of starvation and lack of proper nutrition. Furthermore, it is very difficult for the eggs to hatch when the temperature is not right and if they cannot go through their normal lifecycle. In the sea, they attach to planktons for survival. However, this is not possible in a tank.

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