What Do I Do When My Hermit Crab Is Molting ?  

Hermit crabs are friendly kinds and they are wonderful pets to have. When your hermit crab is molting, it means that it is undergoing a lot of stress. You should take some extra care of it at this time. There are different opinions as to how you should care for them when they are molting.


When the crabs are molting, their environment should be safe. Do not handle them or disturb them as far as possible. The hermit crab is completely aware of its situation, but it is difficult for an owner to just leave them alone and watch them. However that is the best way to help them. Let the crab stay put in its place.

The process of molting in hermit crabs takes four to eight weeks. For smaller crabs, the time period is less. The bigger the crab, the more time it takes. Keep the molting crab in isolation in a tank. This stage is inactive period for the crab so even a small tank will be sufficient. You can also choose to put them in a plastic bottle. The container should have enough sand and chlorinated and salted water along. There should be a deep layer of sand and water. There are some calcium-rich food, like calci sand, boiled eggshells and cuttlebones, which are helpful during this period. Some hiding spots like large shells should be provided for them.

While the crab is molting, maintain the humidity and temperature levels in the isolation tank. Get a small humidity gauge and a heating pad for it. For a molting crab, the temperature should be on the higher side and the humidity and moisture should be high too. These are critical factors for the crab in the molting process. Observe then crab without disturbing it and wait until it starts moving around and starts drinking water normally. It could take a couple of weeks before the crab starts eating properly. Once the new exoskeleton forms fully, you should give the crab a bath in de-chlorinated water and move it back to its original tank.

The exoskeleton that the hermit crab leaves behind is high in calcium and is needed for the crab to grow the new one. It would have consumed most of it; the remains can be moved into the tank once you move the crab. The uneaten parts of the exoskeleton can be taken out of the tank in a few weeks time.

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What Do I Do When My Hermit Crab Is Molting ?


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What Do I Do When My Hermit Crab Is Molting ? )
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