What Do Hermit Crabs Like To Eat

What Do Hermit Crabs Like To Eat ?

Hermit crabs eat a variety of food if they are left in the wild. They feed on fallen fruits, decaying driftwood, grass, plants and things that get washed over by the tides. Most of them contain sea weeds. They are not at all fussy about their food habits and can just about survive on anything.
There are two ways in which hermit crab gets its food, one by smelling it out or by looking at other crabs eating. Smelling helps the crab identify its favorite foods. It is very fascinating to watch a hermit crab get its food.


The nutritional requirements of the hermit crab are unknown. However, they do require calcium, antioxidants and carotene, similar to humans. If the crab has a carotene deficient diet, it will lose it color after molting. Otherwise, they look a reddish or bright orange in color. To add carotene to the diet of the crab, choose vegetables with bright color like carrots and corn. Some people even add flowers like marigold. Dry out the leaves and crush them and add it to the hermit crabs food. However, do not choose something from the garden store, as they may be treated with insecticides and pesticides, and it is unsuitable for the crab.

The ideal food for land hermit crabs are Fish, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. The foods should be unprocessed and natural. The land hermit crabs are omnivores, and they eat anything they get. Crabs even like to eat food like tree bark and oak leaves. Before feeding the crab, wash the food thoroughly without any soap and dry it out. Crabs like to eat crunchy leaves.

Commercial food is not important for the hermit crabs. They can survive on any kind of raw food. Do not give the crab any cooked meat or food. Any raw food like vegetables and fruits that are good for human consumption is good for the crab. Try to add some calcium rich vegetables also in their diet. If you choose to buy the food from pet store, look out for unfamiliar ingredients. Even the preservatives used in the food should be natural. There are many sites online which sell hermit crab food and it is easier to order and buy. But you have to be wary about the suitability for your pet. Some owners feed them worm castings and they are packed with nutrients. Hermit crabs also are very fond of the worm feed.

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