How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live ?  

The terminology marsupial refers to those animals that have a pouch attached to their abdomens, used by them to carry their young ones. Animals falling in this category include kangaroos, wombats and opossums. Sugar gliders are also marsupials, although comparatively smaller in size, weighing about 4 to 6 ounces.

They are found in Tasmania, Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea living on trees. These are nocturnal animals and as the name suggests can be spotted at night coasting in the air. They cannot be classified as true flying animals but their flight pattern is quite similar to that of the flying squirrel.

The lifespan of a sugar glider ranges drastically from 6 to 15 years of age. The wild varieties of this marsupial do not live very long but the life span of pet sugar gliders can be increased by providing adequate care and nutrition. A vital aspect of care taking involves protecting this rare species from sickness.

The lifespan of a pet sugar glider is dependent on many factors. Detailed information on the animal can definitely increase the life of this marsupial. Appropriate temperature for the survival of a baby sugar glider is around 78 to 80 degrees, while adults can exist comfortably at 65 to 90 degrees. The inclination of exploring the environment around them may tempt your pet sugar glider into making attempts of escaping from its cage. The presence of opposable thumbs and high IQ aids them in finding their way out of the cage.

Once out in the open, the animal’s life may be threatened by predators, poisoning, electrocution or poisoning. Healthy diet for this animal includes low fat and carbohydrate food of pet cats or ferrets, fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, insects and fresh water. Keep onions and garlic completely away from them. The animal should be kept under the supervision of a veterinarian who is well versed with the species in order to keep it secure from infections and parasites.

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How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live




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