How To Bond With A Sugar Glider ?  

The beauty of keeping a pet is the love that blooms over time between the animal and its owner. Animals can be better friends in terms of loyalty in comparison to human beings. When any pet is brought home, it does take a certain amount of time to get familiarized with the surroundings and family members, the duration varying with regard to the individual characteristics of the species.

A sugar glider is a marsupial that bonds well with its master provided the individual is well acquainted with the traits of this exotic animal. Once a chord is struck between the two, it will not only make the animal feel secure but will also help to tone down any traces of violent behavior. The animal once brought home needs to be given space and time to adapt to its new home. It may take 1 to 3 days for this animal to feel comfortable in a new set up.

Tending to the needs of your baby pet sugar glider can certainly do wonders for your relationship. These animals may require as much love and care from you as you would have offered or are likely to give to your own children. In the beginning, while it is asleep put a piece of any of your clothing item into its cage. Snuggling into this cloth will help to acquaint the pet sugar glider with your body odor. Slinging a pouch around oneself and keeping the baby sugar glider close to you for long hours during the day can also aid in familiarizing the animal with your body odor. Converse with your pet, irrespective of its response, as this exercise gets it used to your voice.

Being nocturnal in nature, these animals tend to sleep all day long. Utilize this time to pet the animal in its sleep so as to make it aware of your touch. Special food treats in the form of grapes or nuts can also be used to attract the pet towards you. However, remember not to go overboard with this technique of familiarization as it can affect the health of your sugar glider adversely.

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How To Bond With A Sugar Glider




Sugar-Glider-Prices      Owing to the fact that a sugar glider is an exotic species amongst animals, owning one becomes a matter of pride for many people. However, this may not be the best reason to bring this particular animal home. Undoubtedly, sugar gliders may seem quite exciting but there is ample amount of money, love and constant care that is involved in its upbringing. More..




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How To Bond With A Sugar Glider ? )
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