Sugar Gliders As Pets  

Sugar gliders are marsupial natives of Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea. Their name reflects a combination of their diet and body structure. The former part of the name comes from the animal’s fondness of eating nectar and the sap of the Eucalyptus tree, while the latter projects its minor gliding capability due to the presence of a flap of skin prevalent between their front legs and hind legs.

In the recent years, this animal has intrigued mankind immensely and many have taken a fancy of bringing the marsupial home as a pet. This animal may win your heart with its small and endearing looks but keeping it home involves a lot of money and calls for immense care and attention. Also, in certain places it is illegal to have a sugar glider as a pet. Once you are sure about bringing this animal home, it is important to understand that sugar gliders are very social in behavior and thrive in company. Therefore, the best option would be to buy at least 2 sugar gliders together. This very trait of the animal also aids in developing a deep bond with the owner.

The best way to strike a chord with sugar gliders is spending quality time with them on a daily basis. Since the marsupial loves interacting with other beings, therefore in the beginning the baby sugar glider can be carried around in asling all through the day by the owner for familiarization. These animals can only be tamed with love and respect. Authority and punishment cannot be used as modes of training for sugar gliders.

The minimum measurements for their cage should be of 24 inches X 24 inches X 36 inches. The cage should also be well equipped with toys, exercise wheel, nest box and glider pouch.

These animals are omnivorous and their diet includes nectar, fruit, insects, and even small birds and rodents. A very common form of illness occurring in this animal is nutritional osteodystrophy, a form of paralysis caused by either low content of calcium or high intake of phosphorous in their diet.

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Sugar Gliders As Pets




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