What Do Sugar Gliders Eat ?  

The concept of keeping pets essentially originated from the feeling of love for animals. However, over the years there has been a transformation in the reasons behind the same. There is no denying that even today the world is full of animal lovers but one cannot overlook the fact that having pets at home has also become a fad with the new generation.

In this race of being in vogue, the more expensive the animal, the more elevated happens to be the owner’s status. Sugar gliders also fall in the list of expensive and rare pets. These are marsupials which signify a body with an inbuilt pouch such as in the case of koala, kangaroo, opossum and wombat. These soft gray creatures have a characteristic black stripe running along their spines and unique black markings on the face, back and legs. There is a flap of skin between the front and hind legs that allows the animal to glide between trees.

When it comes to diet, as the name suggests sugar gliders have a sweet tooth. Wild varieties of this marsupial use their teeth to remove the bark of trees and thereby suck the nectar. Being omnivorous in nature, they also feed on birds and bird eggs, mice and bugs. They also eat various kinds of fruits, berries and vegetables.

As a pet, lot of attention needs to be focused towards the diet of this animal. If fed properly, these animals can live for about 15 years. Although there is still an ongoing debate over the best feed for a pet sugar glider, some suggest that 75 percent of its diet should be composed of protein. This nutrient can be obtained from chicken, shrimp, fish, soy, cooked egg, pork or beef. The remaining 25 percent of the diet should include fresh vegetables and fruit. Food for sugar gliders is not readily available in pet stores; therefore one must be well aware of its food habits before taking the step towards having this marsupial as a pet.

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What Do Sugar Gliders Eat




Where-To-Find-Sugar-Gliders      Sugar gliders are mammals belonging to the family of marsupials such as koala, kangaroo, opossum and wombat. Marsupial babies are extremely immature at birth and therefore the mother keeps the baby in its pouch for growth and security. The name of sugar gliders may have been inspired from the food habit and body structure of the animal itself. More..




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What Do Sugar Gliders Eat ? )
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