Where To Find Sugar Gliders ?  

Sugar gliders are mammals belonging to the family of marsupials such as koala, kangaroo, opossum and wombat. Marsupial babies are extremely immature at birth and therefore the mother keeps the baby in its pouch for growth and security. The name of sugar gliders may have been inspired from the food habit and body structure of the animal itself.

These animals are known to have a sweet tooth. The wild species scrape off the bark of trees with their teeth and feed on the sap of the tree. These soft gray creatures have a characteristic black stripe running along their spines and unique black markings on their face, back and legs. There is a flap of skin known as a patagium between the front and rear legs that allows the animal to glide from one tree to another. These animals have a large opposable big toe in their back feet which helps them to attain a firmer grip while holding branches. Interestingly, their second and third toes form a comb for grooming!

Sugar gliders hail from the eastern parts of Australia, Papua New Guinea and some parts of Indonesia. As for procuring the animal as a pet, the first thing that needs to be looked into is the legality in this respect. There are many parts of the world where the law prohibits keeping sugar gliders as pets. Places where the act is legal, one will have to explore as the animal is a rarity as a pet. It is important to locate a licensed breeder to obtain a good and healthy breed of the animal.

Sugar gliders are not only expensive to buy, but their maintenance also involves high cost factors. Also, these animals live in the wild in family units. Therefore, they long for company, the absence of which may condense its lifespan. Thus, it is advisable to buy these marsupials in pairs so that they can have substantive opportunity of social interaction. The ideal pairing would be two animals of the same gender or a female with a neutered male to escape the probability of breeding.

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Where To Find Sugar Gliders




How-Long-Do-Sugar-Gliders-Live      The terminology marsupial refers to those animals that have a pouch attached to their abdomens, used by them to carry their young ones. Animals falling in this category include kangaroos, wombats and opossums. Sugar gliders are also marsupials, although comparatively smaller in size, weighing about 4 to 6 ounces. More..




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Where To Find Sugar Gliders ? )
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