Fish Diseases

Fish Diseases

Like any other animal, fish are also sensitive to various forms of disease and require care and supervision. It is rather vital for any individual new in the field to first comprehend the exact nature of the disease and its underlying causes. At times, the problem may be with the water of the tank and not necessarily with the fish. Such circumstances could prove to be gradually lethal for all the fish.

An aquarium test kit can be utilized to study and rectify the water issues in a tank. In cases of treatment of a particular diseased fish, it would be advisable to isolate the affected fish into a quarantine tank so that the others are not affected by the medicine. Another extremely vital factor to be kept in mind is that during any treatment, the carbon needs to be eliminated from the filtration system as it does not allow the medicine to stay in the water resulting in a no gain situation.

Ammonia poisoning is a common fish disease that can be identified in the form of fish panting for air near the surface and the inflammation of gills. Cycling of the aquarium is an essential treatment in this case.

Fish suffering from the disease Dropsy or Malawi Bloat is seen with symptoms of bloated body, decreased coloration and raised scales. Medication is available to cure this bacterial infection but the water also needs to be changed regularly.

Ichthyophtirius, also known as White Spots makes the fish seem salty all over the body. This is a relatively common disease and is again linked to poor water quality.

Fin Rot exhibits the rotting of the fins with the fish lying at the bottom of the tank with no appetite. This is a form of bacterial infection that can be cured by using medicines such as Tetracycline.

The Swim Bladder disease is common amongst Goldfish. As the name suggests, there is a problem with the swim bladder that make it difficult for the fish to remain erect. One of the treatments includes stopping the feed for a few days.

Some of the other diseases are Pop Eye, Nitrate Poisoning, Fish Fungus, Oxygen Starvation and Velvet.

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Fish Diseases