How Do I Cook Fish In The Oven ?

How Do I Cook Fish In The Oven ?

If you want to learn how to cook fish in an oven, then the first step is purchasing fish that is fresh. When you go to the fish market, make sure that you select one that has bright eyes and red gills. In addition, the fish should not smell. In other words, you should be able to carry the fish with you without anyone knowing it.

The easiest way to cook fish is in the oven. There are many different recipes for this, but for a first timer, it is best to stick to something simple and easy. Once you get a hang of it, you can experiment and alter the recipe to suit your taste buds and palate.

When you purchase the fish, the shopkeeper would clean, gut and slice it up for you. When you come home, just wash the fish out and allow it to drain. Then put the slices onto a baking tray or dish, add butter, salt, pepper, some lemon slices, and some sliced up garlic. Then put the dish into the oven for around fifteen minutes. Before taking on the fish, take a sharp knife to pierce the flesh, if the knife comes out clean, the fish is done. If it has some meat stuck to it, then let the fish cook for another five to seven minutes.

This is the easiest recipe to cook fish in the oven. Here instead of butter, you can use oil, and instead of lemon, you can use fresh ginger root. It all depends on what you like and the taste you keen to get from the baked fish.

Alternatively, you can first layer the oven dish with some fennel or celery and add the fish on top. Use the same seasoning as mentioned above. This too tastes delicious.

Remember, if the slices are big, the temperature of the oven has to lower than for slices that are smaller.

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How Do I Cook Fish In The Oven