What Fish Eat The Flounder ?

What Fish Eat The Flounder ?

Many fishing enthusiasts love to fish for the flounder. Besides being a great sports fish, the flounder also tastes quite delicious. However, very few people know how a flounder changes from birth until adulthood. This transformation is quite amazing.

You can find flounders in warm or moderately warm waters of the ocean. However, it is quite adaptable and can be found in oceans all over the world immaterial of the temperature. It is a bottom dweller, but is usually found in shallow reaches of the ocean. The size of the flounder varies based on the species. Some flounders are just couple of inches in length, while others like the halibut can be many feet long.

When the flounder hatches from an egg, it has both its eyes on the left side of its head. As the flounder grows, right eye starts migrating until it reaches the right side of the head. Also, it grows from a rounded fish to a flat fish as it reaches adulthood.

Usually flounders spawn during summer when the water temperature is ideal for spawning. Generally the fish will migrate from shallow water to deeper levels to spawn. Then after that the female lays the eggs which float in the water as each eggs has a small oil bubble attached to it. Once the egg hatches, out comes the larva, which looks like just about any other fish. The larva lives on plankton and small crustaceans. At this point the eyes are on either side of the head. As the larva turns into a baby fish, the eyes migrate to the left side of the head.

Flounder larvae and young fish are eaten primarily spiny dogfish, monkfish, silver hake, red hake, sea rave, spotted hake, cod, fourspot flounder and longhorn sculpin. While adult flounders are eaten by sharks, rays and monkfish, which also known as the goosefish.

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What Fish Eat The Flounder