What Kind Of Fish Do Dolphins Eat ?

What Kind Of Fish Do Dolphins Eat ?

Though dolphins live in the oceans and have fins, they are not fish. Dolphins are mammals. There are about 40 species of dolphins, and different species eat different things.

Some species of dolphins are known to enjoy eating herring, cod and mackerels, while others tend to feast on squids. Some of the larger varieties of dolphins like killer whales eat other marine mammals such as seals and sea lions. Some are also known to eat sea turtles. Dolphins are also known to eat crabs and shrimps.

The amount of food that a dolphin consumes depends on the type of food they can hunt. For instance, mackerels and herrings contain high levels of fat, while squids do not contain that much fat. So, if the dolphin is looking to build up its energy levels, it will consume more squids compared to mackerels and herrings.

However, on an average, a two hundred kilo dolphin will consume around ten kilos to twenty-five kilos of fish on a daily basis.

Dolphins apply different tactics to catch their prey. One of the most common methods of catching prey is the herding method. This method is used by a pod of dolphins wherein they encircle the school of fish and herd them together in a tight group. Then each dolphin takes turn in diving through this tight group to feed on the fish.

Another method that the dolphins apply to catch their prey is by chasing them into shallow water. Once the prey reaches the shallow water, it cannot get away, and the dolphin then consumes. Sometimes, large fish are stunned by the dolphin. They use their tail to hit the fish. In a stunned state the prey cannot swim, and dolphin feasts on it.

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What Kind Of Fish Do Dolphins Eat