What Kind Of Fish Is Dory From Finding Nemo ?

What Kind Of Fish Is Dory From Finding Nemo ?

If you have seen Pixar's film Finding Nemo, you know how adoring all the characters of the movie are. One of the characters in the movie is Dory. Given the cute animation of Dory, many people want to know what kind of a fish is Dory from Finding Nemo.

So, without much ado, Dory is a blue tang, also known as palette surgeonfish. This specie of fish becomes blue only after it turns into an adult. Blue tangs are primarily found in coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific region. However, you can also see them in the coral reefs in East Africa, Samoa, Japan, New Caledonia and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. If they sense any danger, the fish takes shelter among the corals. The main food the blue tang is zooplankton.

The scientific name of the blue tang is Paracanthurus hepatus. An adult fish's body is dark blue in color, the tail is yellow, and it has a black palette design. Hence, the name palate surgeonfish. It is also referred to as hippo fish or flagtail surgeonfish. The grows to a length of about thirty-one centimeters or 12.25 inches.

The main food a young blue tang is plankton. Once the fish reaches adulthood, it eats plankton as wells as algae. It usually spawns during late afternoons or early part of the evening. When the fish is ready to spawn, the color of its body changes from dark blue to a pale shade of blue.

Although the blue tang is not commercially important, it is used as a bait. If a person eats this fish, he will end up with ciguatera poisoning. But these fish are popular in aquariums because of their magnificent coloring, and that is why they are caught.

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What Kind Of Fish Is Dory From Finding Nemo