How To Bake Catfish ?  

Baked catfish is an exceptional style of cooking. But, before trying this method, ensure that the catfish were grown in a proper catfish farm only. Once you are sure about this fact, you can proceed with this style of cooking.

The first thing to note before baking a catfish is to check that if you are choosing a catfish in the wet market ensure that these are live ones. If you suspect that the catfish chosen by you is not sportily moving a clean container or in aquarium then you must discard them right away. You would find some of the Asian restaurants selling live catfish.

Once you have got hold of a live catfish then find out an appropriate method of killing them. There are few who prefer to knock them down straight by hitting on the head but this can be cumbersome and brutal. To avoid this mess, place them simply in a pail and put pour at least two handfuls of salt and a little water. Once they cease to move, it implies that they are ready to be baked. Many prefer frozen catfish, but these taste good only when they are deep-fried. If you are planning to bake catfish, it should be fresh not only because it adds to the flavor, but also because of many health concerns.

Once you have cut and cleaned the catfish preheat the oven at about 450 degrees and then place them in a platter to cook for about 20-30 minutes. To enhance the taste, you may season them with vinegar, soy sauce, olive oil and garlic.

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How To Bake Catfish ?




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