How To Catch Catfish ?  

The most admired fish in America is the catfish. The reason for their being so popular is the wide availability. Catfish can be traced in any place where there is some water. You would find catfish in muddy ponds, clear lakes and even in flowing streams.

These fish can attain massive size, the largest being of 646 pounds that was trapped in the Mekong Delta in Thailand. The topmost is the American specimen weighing approximately 150 pounds and are quite popular for their fighting spirit. Although they cannot fight back as hard as the bass, they are good means of sport for the anglers who want some fair amount of challenge.

If you want to get a hold of this slimy, whiskered and charming catfish, here are some useful tips.

The best time to fish them is when they spawn. During the spawning time they are very active and very easy to locate. The next important information is that catfish favorite spot for spawning are the rocky underwater locations. Moreover, these fish like to hangout in these areas more as compared to other areas. Those of you who are not smart enough to catch them, the best place to begin with is the areas near a lake or river which have enough underwater shelter. In case if you spot them spawning in these areas, the chances are you will get a lot of catfish within just few minutes.

Before heading for fishing one good option is to study a topographical map to search for underwater contours. This useful piece of information will help you a lot in locating the exact place for hunting catfish.

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How To Catch Catfish ?




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How To Catch Catfish ? )
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