How To Clean A Catfish ?  

There are many people who simply keep the catfish at bay thinking that it is very difficult to clean. But the reality is that these are quite easy to clean. Catfish are one of the tastiest fresh water fish. In order to clean a catfish, you have to search its adipose fin first. This fin is situated on the top of the fish and at the back from its tail begins. If you notice closely, there are only 2 fins located on the top of the fish.

Once you have located the right place, now use a fillet knife to make an incision behind the adipose fin and keep cutting all along it. Then again make an incision and just cut until you hit the dorsal fin which is another fin located on the top of the catfish that is exactly behind the catfish’s head.

Now, keep the fillet knife just under the dorsal fin and change the angle of the cut to start slicing it downwards. After finishing that, now continue cutting all along the backbone and then gradually slide the fillet knife away from the catfish. The next thing to do is to break the backbone. For this, catch the body of the fish using one hand and with the help of the other hand bend the head downwards with a jerk. This will cause the backbone to break automatically. When doing this trick, one should be careful that the head is not completely ripped off. Using the hand, with which you are holding the fish, put in the index finger just into the fish in a manner such that you are able to get right to the very end of the backbone. Firmly grip the fish and use the other hand to gently pull the head of the fish towards its tail. It is something akin to peeling a banana. Peeling slowly but carefully will help you to take out the entire skin in just one go. Then place the fish on its side and prepare a fillet cut to remove the meet from that side from the bone. Similarly, turn the catfish over, and make other such fillet cuts the other side too.

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How To Clean A Catfish ?




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How To Clean A Catfish ? )
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