How Big Do Koi Get ?  

Koi fish have the capability of growing to a huge size but not all of them can do so. The average size of a koi fish can be from 24 to 36 inches. A lot depends on the pond size, amount of water and its temperature and also the feeding techniques. Those who achieve a huge size are genetically strong to have attained such a size.

Since not all koi are genetically so strong, therefore, they generally grow up to a standard size. A small koi grows about 2-4 inches per year if kept in a pond at home. Whereas a colorful koi fish which is selectively bred and cared properly can grow up to 36 to 40 inches and can weigh as much as 50 pounds. A koi fish can also be reared in an aquarium also.

For achieving the highest grade of koi variety a lot would depend on the genetic factors. Go Sanke is one such variety that can grow even up to 1m. There are various factors which determine the growth of a koi fish. These factors are the genetic make up, environment that includes stocking density, temperature and water quality and finally the diet. The genetic make up cannot be modified for achieving higher growths but the other factors such as the environment and diet can be easily managed in a way so as to achieve the higher grades.

The koi fish can grow quickly if too many are kept together. In such an environment, they can enjoy larger space to swim properly and move freely. A pond having 10,000 gallon of water or more would be appropriate. Although koi is cold-blooded fish, it needs warm water having a temperature of about 27 degree Celsius. The warmer the water is the better they grow up.

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How Big Do Koi Get ?




How-To-Set-Up-A-Koi-Pond      Koi fish originated from Eastern Asia and China some 2,500 years ago. Koi fishes were originally black in color and late they got converted to various colors due to subsequent mutations. Owing to various colors they are now selectively bred in the ponds and the aquariums. Koi fish, if cared properly, can grow quite large and their average life expectancy ranges from twenty-five to thirty years. More..




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How Big Do Koi Get ? )
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