Saltwater Fish Species  

There are a very large number of species of saltwater fish that exist across the oceans and are known to man. Some of the most commonly occurring saltwater fish include the Blueface Angelfish, Auriga butterfly, Cinnamon Clownfish, Mandarin fish, dragon moray eel, and the arc-eyed hawk fish.

Some of these species are discussed below in brief:

Blueface Angelfish - Scientific name of Blueface Angelfish is Pomacanthus xanthometopana and the former familiar name is Yellowface Angel. It is a very good-looking fish, which is also a highly skilled aquarist. It should, therefore, be provided with plenty of hiding places as well as ample space to swim. This fish feels shy, but it comes out of its hiding place after some time, if not terrorized by its container mates.

Auriga Butterfly - It is one among the most violent species and so is best kept alone or in a pair, with another friendly fish. It habitually follows the related species as well as other non-related fish having identical color patterns.

Cinnamon Clownfish - The fish must be set aside alone in the tank. It may harm the other Clownfish and its submissive tank mates.

Mandarin Fish - This fish belongs to Dragonet family. Mandarin fish are hard fish to keep because of their specific diet requirements.

Dragon Moray Eel - Belongs to Muraenidae family and the scientific name is Enchelycore pardalis. The Dragon eel is an incredibly hostile species with jaws full of big sharp teeth, and a coiled, lower jaw that cannot seal. Owing to this eel's destructive and voracious nature, it is usually very difficult to maintain it with other aquatic life, especially with other eels. It is good to keep it singly or in a hostile class tank society with other sturdy predator fish.

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Saltwater Fish Species




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