Information About The Black Sea Bass  

The scientific name of Black Sea bass is Centropristis striata and is essentially a marine fish. This fish falls under the category of Grouper and is largely found in the coastal areas of Georgia and South Carolina, and also in the Chesapeake Bay region and in another area off New York.

These fish usually flock around near the sea bed and swim near the rocks, jetties, artificial reefs, rakes, bridge pilings and piers. The spawning period of Black Sea basses is between middle of May to June-end. A fully matured Sea bass can grow up to 500 mm in length and weighs about 4.3 kilograms or 9.5 pounds.

A distinct feature about this Black Sea bass is that it has one continuous long dorsal fin instead of the normal two short ones. It is also recognized by its high back, flat topped head and a large and oblique mouth. They are of high demand with the commercial and the recreational fishers. Thus, over-fishing of these species makes them susceptible to be extinct too in the near future. For this reason, a fishing limit has been set by the governing bodies to check the balance of their population in the water.

The Black Sea bass has various international names like Robalo in Brazil, Svarti Gaddborri in Iceland, Perchia Striata in Italy and Suzuki in Japan. Almost all the popular books and the websites related to fish and fishing mentions the Black Sea bass. One can refer them to know about this fascinating creature.

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Information About The Black Sea Bass




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Information About The Black Sea Bass )
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