What Are The Pink Dolphins Enemies

What Are The Pink Dolphins Enemies ?

Pink dolphins are one of the friendliest species of dolphins found. They are intelligent with a 40 percent bigger brain capacity compared to humans, and are known for saving people from drowning by pushing them back to the shores. However, due to urbanization, economic development, and noise and water pollution, research shows a significant decline in their numbers. Unfortunately, the only enemies that these beautiful and friendly creatures have are the humans and human interference with their natural habitat.


River Pollution
Disposing and dumping of industrial wastes and harmful chemicals like mercury while mining gold, into the river water and oil spillage are endangering these species. Many dolphins are dying due to high levels of mercury and oil contamination in the water.

Pink dolphins often out of curiosity approach boats, ships or other vessels and at times get injured by the propeller or some other part. Excessive boats cruising in the Amazon River is increasing the chances of these dolphins getting hit by propellers. Many times, dolphins get trapped in fishing nets and are unable to surface to breathe. As a result, they die of suffocation. Also, dolphins communicate using sound. Furthermore, noise pollution from these boats can cause loss of hearing that may affect the dolphin’s navigation system.

Destruction of Rainforest
The Amazonian rainforest, the natural habitat for the pink dolphins, is getting depleted because of activities, such as oil extraction, logging, mining, fire wood collection, war, commercial agriculture, cattle ranching, hydroelectric projects and many more.

Hydroelectric Projects
The proposal of constructing hydroelectric dams along many parts of the Amazon River is causing a due threat to the pink dolphin population, as construction of these dams will result in dividing the dolphin pods into two or more, on either sides of the dam. Separation or isolation of the pod from one another may result in low breeding rate.

Human Discrimination
Fishermen look upon dolphins as their competitors since they hunt for the same fishes. Often they complain that a dolphin accidentally stuck in their fishing net eats of all the other fishes, so the fishermen end up killing these dolphins. Use of gill nets by the commercial fishermen is very dangerous and can cause the dolphins their lives. Often dolphins are hunted down for their fins that are used as fishing bait. Rarely but sometimes they are even killed for their meat. Sadly their friendly nature and curiosity increases the chances of them falling victims to certain inhumane people who hurt the dolphins for the sake of entertainment. It is heard that people some times use a knife to etch their names on the dolphin’s back causing it pain and injury.

Several conservation organizations, such as the International Society for the Preservation of the Tropical Rainforest (ISPTR), have been formed to protect these friendly pink dolphins from getting extinct. Many conservation and voluntary programs are being introduced and carefully monitored to ensure that the mortality rate of dolphins is checked.

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