What Do Electric Eels Eat ?  

Electric eel goes by the scientific name of Electrophorus electricus. They are the inhabitants of muddy water with low amounts of oxygen. They breathe in by gulping in some air at a regular interval. The special tissues inside their mouths absorb the required amount of oxygen from it. They are called electric eels because they are able to generate about 600 volts and current of about 1 ampere from their electric organs. This is a unique feature of this species.

The electric eels are carnivorous in nature and their immense predatory instincts makes them devour anything and everything that comes there way, provided that they fit inside their mouth. These victims include smaller fish, insects and larvae. They also feed on other invertebrates and small mammals.

Though electric eels growing in natural environment tend to eat foods which are “live”, eels bred in man-made surroundings can be trained to eat dead foods, if constant supply of live foods is not possible. These dead foods may include bodies of freshwater fish like defrosted frozen smelt. The fact that they discharge electric currents from their body makes it obvious that they are to be bred aloof from any other species. This is why electric eels are not preferred by many to be kept in private places.

Also, a fully grown electric eel can measure 8 feet in length and can weigh up to 45 pounds. However, if bred since pre-adolescence, they may grow shorter and lighter than that. But in any case, they grow up to be at least 4 to 5 feet long. So, adequate sized aquarium is necessary along with the right food to breed them.

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What Do Electric Eels Eat ?




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