How Smart Are Hamsters ?

How Smart Are Hamsters ?

Although hamsters are rodents and look very cute with their stout and rotund bodies, they are quite smart and intelligent. If you train your hamster properly, it will be able to perform several tricks. This is the reason why you will often hear people say that hamsters are fairly smart.

As with any other pet, it is best to get a baby hamster that is about 4 to 7 weeks old. This way you will be able to train the rodent without too many problems, and it will also learn the tricks fast. One important part of training is handling the hamster. This means holding it gently, talking to it and also cuddling it. This will help the hamster adjust to its environment fairly easily.

Once the hamster is comfortable being held by you, you can then start training it to take food from your hand. This can be done by placing the food on your hand and encouraging the hamster to walk and take the food. Also, make sure that you gently pet the hamster while it is eating food from your hand. Once this is mastered, you can move to other tricks, like hiding nuts or other treats in your pocket and getting the hamster to look and take them.

Hamsters do not have a sharp memory, but they are smart nonetheless. So, do not disregard their intelligence. You can easily teach a hamster to climb stairs, stand on their rear legs and also ride a tiny bicycle. These tricks are seen in shows where breeders love to demonstrate the smartness of their hamsters.

This is one fact that many people do not know. Hamsters are definitely smart and intelligent. However, if you do not train them or spend time with them, they will not learn tricks and come across as dumb rodents.

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How Smart Are Hamsters