What Do Hamsters Eat ?

What Do Hamsters Eat ?

Hamsters eat just about anything you feed them. They are not that fussy, but if you want your hamster to have a healthy life, then you should take time to find out What Do Hamsters Eat ? and feed your pet rodent accordingly.

In any pet store, you can get a mix for hamsters. You can feed this to your pet hamster without any problem. However, you will also have to supplement vitamins and minerals to ensure good health and avoid any deficiency.

Besides pellets, you should be looking to feed your hamster seeds, fruits, grains, and nuts. In the wild, a hamster subsists on a high fiber diet. So, avoid giving too many seeds, especially sunflower seeds, that are high in fat content. Also, make sure that your hamster gets sufficient food to chew. This will prevent the teeth from growing too long. A typical hamster mix will contain corn, sunflower seeds, millet, dried peas, peanut, barley, alfalfa and dried vegetables and fruits. However, it has been seen that dried fruits and vegetables are sometime only found in high end brands. So, if the mix does not contain dried fruits and vegetables, make sure that you give your hamster ample fresh fruits and vegetables.

A hamster also requires certain amount of proteins. This is gets from seeds and grains. However, you can also give the hamster some boiled egg, a piece of cheese or cooked chicken once in a way. When it comes to chicken and eggs, make sure that anything that is not eaten after 2 hours should be discarded.

Hamsters love fresh fruits and vegetables. You can feed your hamster apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, broccoli, carrot, spinach, and bell pepper. However, do not overfeed them as they will get diarrhea.

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What Do Hamsters Eat