How Big Do Gerbils Get ?  

Gerbils are rodents that are quite active in the day and tend to sleep during the night. They are cute pets to have because not only are they friendly and social, they also can keep you entertained for hours with their antics. Gerbils love to be handled and you can easily tame them by handling them gently and lovingly.

It is said that gerbils who are happy tend to sing like birds. You know that your gerbil is happy if you hear it chirping like a small bird. However, it has been seen that most gerbils tend to be happy and well-adjusted when they are in pairs. If a gerbil is kept alone, it will not live for that long and also it will not be that friendly and tamed. However, gerbils can be prolific breeders, so to avoid this, you can keep the same gender pair. Gerbils of the same sex can get along without any problems.

Although gerbils are round little fur balls, many people have second thoughts about keeping gerbils as pets because they do not know how big gerbils get. The length and weight of a gerbil depends on the species you are keeping as a pet. The most popular species in the US is the Mongolian gerbil. This species of gerbil grows as big as an adult rat. This means that it grows up to a size of three inches to seven inches. This length is from the head to the rump. Then there is length of the tail to consider. A gerbil's tail can grow anywhere from three inches nine inches in length. An adult gerbil will weigh between one ounce and seven ounces, and will live for around 5 years if well looked after.

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How Big Do Gerbils Get




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How Big Do Gerbils Get ? )
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