How To Take Care Of A Gerbil ?  

Many people keep gerbils as pet, but they many not all know How To Take Care Of A Gerbil ?. If you know how to take care of your gerbil, you can prolong its life and also have hours of entertainment with this social and friendly fur ball. In fact, a tamed and friendly gerbil makes an excellent pet that you will cherish.

Here are some tips on How To Take Care Of A Gerbil ?:

Before getting your gerbil, make sure that you have allocated space for it in the house. Gerbils are quite active rodents and pets, and require sufficient space to move around and be up to their tricks. Also, remember that gerbils are social animals and live in groups in the wild. So, never keep a gerbil alone. Always have a pair or more. However, buy gerbils from the same clans to avoid fighting and aggressive behavior.

Make sure that you clean the cage regularly and replenish the water everyday. It is advised to clean a gerbil cage every two weeks as they are not messy and do not produce that much waste. Also, keep the food in the cage. A gerbil will eat whenever hungry and will not have a fixed time to eat. In addition, pay close attention to the quality of the food you give your pet gerbils. Usually these rodents are not big eaters, so ensure that they get nutritious food at all times.

While toys should not be given to gerbils to play with, you can put obstacles and objects in the cage that they can climb over or on to. Also, do not get upset if your gerbil wants to gnaw at the objects. This will help to stop the growth of their teeth and keep them from getting bored.

Gerbils are not fond of too much sunlight. They prefer a place that is calm and quite, especially at nights. So, keep the cage where your gerbils can get adequate rest and sleep. Make time on a daily basis to play and handle your gerbils. This will help them to get tamed and friendly.

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How To Take Care Of A Gerbil




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