What To Feed Gerbils ?  

In the wild gerbils eat roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and insects. However, in captivity, you need to know What To Feed Gerbils ? to ensure that you have healthy and happy pets. Usually you can feed your pet gerbils readymade gerbil food that is available. However, make sure that food has dried vegetables added to it so that your gerbils get all the nutrition they require.

You can also feed gerbils seed mixes and pellets. However, when feeding seed mixes, make sure that the mix does not contain sunflower seeds. Gerbils love sunflower seeds and tend to eat just that and leave all the other seeds. Sunflower seeds contain too much fat and this is not healthy for gerbils. Therefore, it is always recommended to feed gerbils with pellets that have added nutrients to give gerbils a balanced diet. This is preferable over loose mixes that many people tend to buy for their gerbils. Also, you can buy lab blocks to feed your gerbils.

In addition, you can feed your pet gerbils carrots, banana peels, lettuce. Make sure that you do not feed them too many banana peels as it can cause a digestion problem. Also, if your gerbils like apples, broccoli, whole grain toasts, unsweetened cereal, raisins, currants, berries, cheese and eggs, you can feed them. Make sure that the eggs are scrambled or boiled before you decide to feed your gerbils. Occasionally as a treat, you can feed the gerbils dog biscuits.

And, always ensure that your gerbil has sufficient and clean drinking water though they do not need so much water as they are adapted to live in hot and dry climate.

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What To Feed Gerbils




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