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How To Take Care Of A Gerbil ?

Many people keep gerbils as pet, but they many not all know How To Take Care Of A Gerbil ?. If you know how to take care of your gerbil, you can prolong its life and also have hours of entertainment with this social and friendly fur ball. In fact, a tamed and friendly gerbil makes an excellent pet that you will cherish.More...

What To Feed Gerbils ?

What To Feed Gerbils

In the wild gerbils eat roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and insects. However, in captivity, you need to know What To Feed Gerbils ? to ensure that you have healthy and happy pets. Usually you can feed your pet gerbils readymade gerbil food that is available. However, make sure that food has dried vegetables added to it so that your gerbils get all the nutrition they require.

You can also feed gerbils seed mixes and pellets. However, when feeding seed mixes, make sure that the mix does not contain sunflower seeds. Gerbils love sunflower seeds and tend to eat just that and leave all the other seeds. Sunflower seeds contain too much fat and this is not healthy for gerbils. Therefore, it is always recommended to feed gerbils with pellets that have added nutrients to give gerbils a balanced diet. This is preferable over loose mixes that many people tend to buy for their gerbils. Also, you can buy lab blocks to feed your gerbils. More...


How Big Do Gerbils Get ?

How Big Do Gerbils Get

Gerbils are rodents that are quite active in the day and tend to sleep during the night. They are cute pets to have because not only are they friendly and social, they also can keep you entertained for hours with their antics. Gerbils love to be handled and you can easily tame them by handling them gently and lovingly.

It is said that gerbils who are happy tend to sing like birds. You know that your gerbil is happy if you hear it chirping like a small bird. However, it has been seen that most gerbils tend to be happy and well-adjusted when they are in pairs. If a gerbil is kept alone, it will not live for that long and also it will not be that friendly and tamed. However, gerbils can be prolific breeders, so to avoid this, you can keep the same gender pair. Gerbils of the same sex can get along without any problems.More...


Facts About The Gerbil

Facts About The Gerbil

Many people keep gerbils as pets because they look so adorable. However, not many are aware of some of the facts about the gerbil. A gerbil is a mammal that belongs to the zoological order of Rodentia. There are around eight different species of gerbils that people keep as pets.

Here are some facts about the gerbil that you might find interesting:More...