Can Guinea Pigs Take Baths ?  

Guinea pigs are known to be clean animals and they are often seen grooming themselves. Many people who have guinea pigs as pets want to know because of this whether guinea pigs can take baths. The answer to this question is yes, guinea pigs can take baths. However, you should not bathe your guinea pig everyday or once a week. If your guinea pig is healthy and does not have lice or mites, you should bathe it once in 6 months.

Here are some tips to help you bathe your guinea pig.

Before bathing your guinea pig, brush it well with the help of special brush that is available at pet stores. These brushes are meant especially for guinea pigs. However, do not be rough while brushing as guinea pigs have rather sensitive skin.

Then fill a bowl that is large enough to accommodate your guinea pig with some warm water. Make sure you test the temperature before putting your pet into the water. Then gently place your guinea pig into the bath water and use a small cup to wet its fur. However, make sure that you do not wet its face and ears. Take some pet shampoo and lather it on your guinea pig's fur. Make sure that you rub the belly and feet of the guinea pig well. Once you have rubbed the fur gently, remove the guinea pig from the water. Make sure at this point that you wrap up the guinea pig in a dry towel. Discard the soapy water and fill the bowl with clean and warm water. Use this water to rinse out the shampoo. Then dry the guinea pig using a dry towel. If necessary, use another towel to remove all the water from the fur.

Allow the guinea pig to dry out completely. If you notice your little pet shivering, then wrap it up warmly in a dry towel until it dries a little more. Once the fur has dried out completely, you can put your guinea pig back into its cage.

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Can Guinea Pigs Take Baths




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