Guinea Pig Breeds  

Many people are not aware that there are many different kinds of guinea pig breeds. Each one is different when you take into account its fur, color, length of fur and the quality of hair. Here are some of the most popular guinea pig breeds:

The American guinea pig is also known as the English guinea pig. This is the most widespread breed that people tend to buy all over the world. This breed of guinea pig is characterized by short fur that is straight. This breed is available in many different colors.
The Coronet is a long haired breed of guinea pig. The fur present on the face is short, while the fur over the rest of the body is long.

The Silkie is another long haired breed of guinea pig. It is also known as Sheltie. This breed has long hair all over the body, including the face. Because of its long hair, often one cannot make out which is the face and which is the rump. This guinea pig needs a lot of care because of the long fur, which has to trimmed or cut regularly.

The Texel is fairly interesting breed to look at. This breed of guinea pig has long thick fur that is quite curly. The curls end up forming ringlets. If you do not have the time to groom your guinea pig, this may not be the breed for you.

The White Crested is a type of guinea pig that has single color all over the body other than the top of the head. The fur on the head is white in color and gives the guinea pig an appearance of wearing a beret.

There are many other breeds of guinea pigs that are available besides these. These breeds include Peruvian guinea pig, Abyssinian guinea pig, Teddy guinea pig and Rex guinea pig.

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Guinea Pig Breeds




Guinea-Pig-Care      A guinea pig makes an excellent pet because it is not only cute to look at, it is also a rather docile rodent. If you do not have dogs and cats as pets, then think about getting a guinea pig. However, before you go to a pet shop to buy one, it is imperative that you educate yourself on guinea pig care. More..




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