What do mice eat? - What do wild mice eat? - Facts about mice

Facts About Mice

A common site that you may not wish to see in your house is a mouse. Belonging to the rodent family, this animal is considered to have originated in Asia centuries ago and thereafter spread all over Europe. North America obtained its share of this rodent from a mouse that entered the continent as stowaways on a ship from Europe.More...

What Do Mice Eat ?

What Do Mice Eat

When found in any nook or corner of the house, one would feel that mice are capable of eating just about anything under the sun ranging from books to wires and shoes to food. Mice can definitely test one’s patience once they find entry to any household. Well, while many may agree with this statement, there could be people who think otherwise and may even harness the desire to have them as pets.

As pets, the white breeds are often preferred. Field or wild mice feed on a variety of food items that include potatoes, peas, tomatoes, peanut butter, tulip bulbs, oats, corn, wheat, seeds, pear tree bark, apple tree bark, almonds, walnuts, nuts, macaroni, chestnuts, cat and dog foods, white beans, bread, scraps of meat, cookies, kidney beans, navy beans, insects and their larvae.More...


What Do Wild Mice Eat ?

What Do Wild Mice Eat

Each and every organism is born on this planet with certain food preferences. Such as the cow likes to eat grass, while the lion prefers flesh. Mostly, animals stick to their food options. However under adverse circumstances, they may resort to eating different foods for mere survival. The same can be acknowledged for the rodent, mouse.

Although originally an herbivore with just a few exceptional omnivorous varieties, today mice are seen gorging on just about anything in sight. In fact, mice are known to consume garbage and human disposal as well. Wild mice feed on the prevalent vegetation that includes fallen fruits, seeds, tree bark, bulbs, roots, oats, corn, potatoes and black beans. During the winters when the snow slackens the vegetative growth, they simply dig through the snow cover to consume the underlying grass or sprouts. Mice living near farms feed on the crop being cultivated in the area such as wheat and corn.More...