Where Do Rats Live ?  

Research has traced back the origin of rats to Europe somewhere in the11th, 12th, and 13th century. It is from this continent that the animal spread to the other parts of the world sneaking into ships and uses them as a medium of transportation from one land to the other.

There are believed to be about eighty species of this pest prevalent in the world. Some of them include black rats, brown rats, rice rats, water rats, Rio rice rats, Yucatan vesper rat, American cane rat, Peruvian rat, South American water rat, Chilean rat, Andean swamp rat, wood rat, cotton rat, Allen's wood rat, fish eating rat and the white tailed rat.

Out of these species, the brown and black rats are the most common sites in populated areas such as towns and cities. This rodent can be found just about anywhere you can think of! They can be spotted crawling in your houses or offices or any other building. Their characteristic feature of being a good swimmer makes them venture into sewers. They can also be located in rubbish dumps, farms and river banks. They also burrow into the ground and eat and sleep comfortably in their own homes. One may find as many as 50 brown rats living together in a single burrow away from city life.

The wild varieties of this mammal feed on eggs, meat, fruits, stored grain, vegetables and cereal. However, these food items may be a preference with the animal but they can consume just about anything that comes their way. Their teeth certainly assist them in this behavior. Wild rats also form the food of many predators such as owls, snakes, hawks, eagles, cats, dogs and humans. Those who have a fancy for keeping this mammal as a pet can offer them lettuce, carrots and food from pet stores as part of their diet. Providing meat to the pet rat may spoil its habits and it may refuse to eat any other food item. It is important to protect pet rats from predators such as cats and dogs.

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Where Do Rats Live




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