How Fast Can A Horse Run

How Fast Can A Horse Run ?

Not only in the modern times, but from ancient times people have been indulging in the thrilling sport of horse racing. The horses the win races are honored with recognition and awards and every horse owner wants their horse to achieve this feat. When watching horse racing, a person may often wonder how fast can a horse run.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed answer to this as the speed of a horse varies based on its breed, size and also shape. Some horses are obviously more athletic and get the proper training that enhances their speed. In addition, age, health, conditioning and fitness levels play a big role in increasing the natural speed of a horse. All these factors affect the speed of a horse and how fast it can run. Even within the same breed, there are variations in speed. Nonetheless, some experts suggest that an average horse can run at the speed of thirty miles per hour. This speed is not etched on stone and can increase or decrease depending on the horse. This also means that if the horse is older, not conditioned properly and has health issues, then it will run slower than thirty miles per hour.

There are some breeds that are specifically used for racing and this means that these breeds are bred and trained to run fast and be agile. Some of the breeds of horses that are specifically bred for racing in the US are American Quarter and the Thoroughbred. Both the breeds are using for horse racing, but the American Quarter is usually used for short distance racing rather than long distance.

The American Quarter can run fast for short distances, around fifty miles per hour. On the other hand, the Thoroughbred is used for long distance racing and attain speeds of forty-five miles per hour. In the year 1972, a Thoroughbred horse named Secretariat set a record in horse racing that has not been broken until today. This magnificent horse covered 1.5 miles in less than 2.5 minutes!

As you can see that there is no definitive answer to the question how fast can a horse run. The speed will vary for each horse depending not its breed, bloodline, health, age, conditioning and training. Hence, it is very difficult to actually put a speed for any horse. Individual horses can be trained to run and gallop fast and this depends on how the trainer goes about the training and what measures are adopted to ensure optimum health, agility and endurance.

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How Fast Can A Horse Run