How To Start A Horse Farm Business ?  

If you love horse, then you should think about starting a horse farm business. Obviously, this is not an easy task and requires a good amount of capital, land and equipment to start with. But, the pleasure you will get will be beyond words or explanation. If you want to know how to start a horse farm business, then read on. You will get some important tips to start your business.

The first thing that you need to realize is that this kind of business needs experience. So, enroll yourself for an apprenticeship. If that is not possible, then hire a farm manager with requisite experience and learn from him or her. Also, do not quit your job to start a horse farm. You will need the money as this business will take some time to yield the desired results. Stick on to your current job until you get the profits you are looking for.

Starting a horse farm is expensive enough. So, it is prudent to start something small rather than go for something big. As your business grows, you can think about getting more land and horses.

If you intend breeding horses, then select a breed that flourishes in your region. In case you intend having a boarding house for horses, then learn as much as possible about different breeds, like their eating habits, different kinds of ailments and diseases and how to recognize some of the common diseases.

Then purchase land required for breeding, training and boarding horses. A hundred acres should be sufficient parcel to allow you to make own hay in the farm itself, have sufficient space for the horses to graze and to also house the horses. Remember, the more land your purchase, the more work you will have to do in order to manage and maintain it.

You will require help and staff to manage your horse farm. There will be things like repairing the barns and fences, cleaning out the stables, exercising and feeding the horses, maintaining the pastures, testing the soil for nutrients and giving horseback riding lessons to beginners. So, keep all these things in mind and hire your staff accordingly.

In addition, you will have to build barns and stalls to keep the horses and their hay. You will need various kinds of equipment, bedding for the horses, watering systems, a vet to come and check the horses, farrier to take care of the hooves and horseshoes, insurance and facilities for the clientele. So, it is best to have a business plan in place to anticipate all the amenities and facilities you would require. The plan will also give you an indication on the anticipated expenses you will have to bear in the initial few years of the business. Remember, you can save a little money by getting volunteers to help you out in return for free riding lessons.

While you may end up delegating work to your staff, ensure that you are still involved in the day to day operations. Make sure that you keep checking on your staff periodically.

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How To Start A Horse Farm Business




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