Natural Ant Killer

Natural Ant Killer

Ants can turn out to be quite a nuisance if they enter our homes. Kitchen areas are specifically susceptible. Once ants are habituated to particular room or place, it is very difficult to get rid of them. Firstly, prevent the cause of intrusion. If you find a particular food item to be the causative reason, it is advisable to remove it immediately from the area.

You can buy numerous anti ant repellents from stores but most of these chemicals are dangerous to humans and environment as well. You can however try out home remedies to get rid of these tiny creatures.

Listed below are some effective methods for killing/removing ants:

Lemon tree oil: Lemon tree has numerous essential oils that emit a strong smell when exuded. You can dilute fifty drops of lemon tea tree in thirty-two oz of water. Mix the solution thoroughly and pour it in a spray bottle. Find out the root area from where the ants are entering into the house. Spray liberally on the area, on the ants and wherever you feel there is a potential ant threat. The tiny creatures dislike the smell and will die instantly.

Cucumber peels: Ants have an aversion to the smell and taste of cucumber peels. They will instantly retreat and never return. Place the peels in appropriate areas.

Diatomaceous earth: The dead remains of diatoms (primitive single celled creatures) are called diatomaceous earth. Place the fossil remains in areas where an ant attack can possibly occur. The rough prickly surfaces of these fossils will rip through the ants’ body killing them instantly.

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Natural Ant Killer