How To Make Your Own Small Hive Beetle Trap ?  

Of late, in the US, beekeepers are complaining about small hive beetles. These beetles are destructive and can wreak havoc for hobby and commercial beekeepers. Hence, it is important to eliminate the moment you notice them in your beehive. As chemicals cannot be used to get rid of these beetles, the best way is to make your own small hive beetle trap.

In order to make your own small hive beetle trap, you will need some wood, an aluminum tray, aluminum mesh and a thick plywood. In addition, you will also need some screws. Take the plywood and with the help of a saw, make an opening in the center. The opening should be smaller than the dimensions of the aluminum tray. On the underside of the plywood, attach the aluminum mesh. The mesh should be small, so that just the beetles fall through it and not the bees. So, be careful when buying it. Cut 2 strips of the wood and fix them to the underside of the plywood. Then make grooves all along the strips, so that you can slide in the aluminum tray into it easily. Also, ensure that you can easily remove the tray.

The basic frame work for small hive beetle trap is complete. In order to harmonize it with the beehive, you can fix wood piece in front with the help of nails, so that the trap looks a part of the hive. However, ensure that the front panel is not too big, otherwise you will not be able to slide out the tray. (See Reference 1)

Now place the hive on the trap. Fill the aluminum tray with oil to kill the beetles that fall through the mesh. Generally, the bees will chase the beetles downwards, and some of them will fall into the tray containing oil. The best part is that you can recycle the oil. Remove the dead beetles from the oil, strain it and then reuse it in the trap. Of course, you would have to add more oil each time. If you are not comfortable with using oil, you can also use soap water.

If you do not want to make your own small hive beetle trap, then you can also order a readymade one online. It will be sent to you with instructions on how to assemble it. Generally, assembling readymade traps are very easy. You will have the trap up in no time whatsoever. (See Reference 1)

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How To Make Your Own Small Hive Beetle Trap


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