Lifecycle Of The Scarlet Lilly Beetle  

Lilioceris lilii is also called the scarlet lily beetle. This is a type of leaf beetle that feeds on flowers, leaves, stems and buds of lilies or other species of the Liliaceae family. In fact, they lay their eggs only on the Fritillaria or Lilium species. Otherwise, their survival rate is very less. They are prevalent in temperate locales where lilies are grown.

Life Cycle of the Scarlet Lily Beetle:
Adults prefer living in moist environments and feed on lily leaf during summer. The adult beetles tend to overwinter in plant debris or soil under the lily leaf plants and come out into the open during the early spring season and feed on the young lily leaves. They mate and multiply at this time. (See Reference 1)

The females may lay about 450 eggs every season. (See Reference 1) If you check the underside of the fritillary / lily leaf, you may find around 12 eggs attached along the midrib in irregular lines. They are cleverly hidden under a thick brown substance which protects the eggs. (See Reference 1)

The eggs hatch in about six days and the larvae feed underneath the leaf itself before they work their way up the plant. The excretion of the larvae becomes a protective shield from predators and helps them survive through harsh climatic conditions. (See Reference 1)

After about 24 days, they burrow themselves at the ground level and become pupa in a cocoon formed by soil and saliva. They become adults in 20 days and continue to feed on lily plants until the next winter. (See Reference 1)

Adult beetles squeak by rubbing 2 parts of their body together that can even startle an attacker. (See Reference 1)

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Lifecycle Of The Scarlet Lilly Beetle


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Lifecycle Of The Scarlet Lilly Beetle )
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