Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles  

Japanese beetles feed on flowers and leaves of various plants and hence, can completely destroy your garden if you do not take extra care to keep them at bay. There are many synthetic pest control options available; however, you can follow simple natural ways to get rid of these pests.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles:

  • Some kinds of plants are resistant to Japanese beetles. You may include them in your garden to keep these beetles away. Examples include garlic, chives and catnip plants. (See Reference 1)
  • Spray white color milky spore powder on your lawn or on the ground where you are sure that the beetles feed on. This is more a biological weapon. The bacteria grow in the stomach of the beetle and they die within two weeks of consuming this powder. (See Reference 1)
  • Lay bait traps along the perimeter of your garden. For this you need to mash fresh fruits and mix yeast and sugar and pour water into this mixture. Now fill this liquid in plastic jugs and place them at different points where the beetles would visit. They would drown and die. But you need to keep emptying the jug every now and then. (See Reference 1)
  • Japanese Beetles die in soapy water. This tip can be used to get rid of them early in the morning. Walk around your garden with a bucket of soap water. The insects would be resting lethargically and cannot fly because of the wetness of the dew. When you shake the plants that they are infesting keeping the bucket underneath, they would drown falling into the soapy water and die. (See Reference 1)

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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles


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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles )
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