Why Do Fireflies Only Come Out In Summer

Why Do Fireflies Only Come Out In Summer ?

Generally, fireflies are seen in summer. Hence, many people want to know why do fireflies only come out in summer. The answer to this is very simple. Summer is the time when food is in abundance, and hence, when the larvae of the fireflies emerge from the eggs, they will have ample sources of food. This will help to increase their chances of surviving into adulthood. This is the reason why fireflies come out in summer.

The female firefly lays eggs three weeks after mating. The eggs hatch into larvae, which have the ability to glow. The larval stage of the firefly lasts for around 1 to 2 years and the larvae live under decaying wood or bark, or on the soil. The larvae are hunters and they have a special part in their mouth that has the ability to anesthetize a prey and make it immobile. Once the prey is helpless, the larvae can consume them. This stage of the firefly is extremely beneficial as they help to get rid of pests like snail and slugs, and also they devour decaying animals and naturally occurring debris. (See Reference 1)

The adult fireflies tend to live around water bodies or areas that are moist. In addition, they also live in naturally occurring debris in forests and rotting wood. During the day, fireflies hide among vegetation and shrubs and emerge in the night. The adult firefly is a herbivore that feeds on dew drops, pollen and nectar. The lifespan of the adult firefly is extremely short, as it lives hardly for 1 to 2 weeks. (See Reference 1)

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