How To Keep Lady Bugs ?  

Ladybugs are great to have in a garden. They do so many good things and they are also cute to look at. You can buy lady bugs and keep them in your garden. However, one also has to know how to keep them in their garden because lady bugs are forever on the move. They generally need ideal conditions to stay in a garden.

The best time to get lady bugs is if you see aphids on the plants. If there are aphids in the garden, it means the lady bugs will have plenty of food and they will not leave your garden. (See Reference 1) At the same time your garden also remains healthy. In addition, they will attract other lady bugs to make their home in your garden. This is one of the natural ways to attract the lady bugs.

An artificial way is to use pheromone sprays that can attract the lady bugs to your garden. The pheromone attractant can be sprayed on plants and in the garden in general. If you have purchased lady bugs and are about to release them, then spray the garden and after that release these bugs. However, you have to use the spray frequently for it to be useful. (See Reference 1)

Some of the lady bugs in the pupal stage stay attached to the walls of the house. Leave them be until they grow fully. If you clean them out, then they will die and the lady bug population will also come down. Also, make sure your garden has enough pollen and nectar which is food for lady bugs. Have nice flowering plants to keep the number of these bugs always high. (See Reference 1)

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How To Keep Lady Bugs


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